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Katherine Stefan

An old soul whose career aspirations to become ‘a maid with big feet’ at the age of four, Katherine has arrived at the pinnacle of her career with LEAD Digital in Macon where she can fully express her servant’s heart to lift up the LEAD team, drive unprecedented success with client campaigns, and embrace The People of Middle Georgia as they have so graciously embraced her. 

Born and raised in Chicago, and a student of Journalism and digital marketing, she has spent her entire career in media on both the agency and brand side, living and working in great cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Charlotte, where she created and ran one of the city’s largest media brands for a decade. For fun she spas with her daughter, debates foreign policy with her son, and is enjoying getting to know what makes Macon such a special place.

Market Director

Buy the ticket. Take the ride. -Hunter S. Thompson

Crystal Ragan

Crystal dreams of a world where she can always come out ahead from the casinos, where Coke Zero is actually good for you, and the Falcons would finally win a Super Bowl. She has been at the forefront of digital transformation in Macon since she was hired six years ago at the Macon Telegraph. As her understanding of the value and importance of digital marketing grew she wanted to make a greater impact with clients.

Crystal found her true passion in developing meaningful relationships with our clients, in defining their needs, and positively impacting the growth of their business through sound digital strategy. After spending some time in the Client Success role where she helped cultivate relationships, built custom strategy and worked to deliver measurable results on behalf of customers.

She recently moved into a managerial role with junior members of our client facing team to meet organizational goals and client objectives. A self-proclaimed "digital advertising expert". She is obsessed with workflow and communication, both mission critical in the digital agency world. When not working, Crystal can be found working out with her husband, training for her next obstacle course race and loving on her 80lb boxer/mastiff Tyrion (yes, Game of Thrones).

Local Sales Manager

You can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets. -Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Will McCurry

A born and bred Maconite, Will is a Strategic Marketing Consultant with a strong focus on Automotive. He comes from a financial planning background and has many years of experience working with his clients investing their hard earned money strategically and making it work for them. 

His sweet spot with LEAD is working with our most ROI-driven clients to deliver success that leaves our competitors in the dust through the use of sound digital strategy. Will is very active in his church, little league baseball and his community and enjoys spending time with his wife Reese and their two little girls, Stuart and Louise. When he is not on the golf course, church or little league field you will find him with his girls smoking meat on his braai grill.

Strategic Marketing Consultant

Kelley Touhy

Kelley is an empathetic soul who thrives on strong coffee and speaks fluent pop culture references. She yearns for the day when her three children understand the phrase “sleep in on Saturday,” loves her firefighter husband and thinks marrying him may be the single wisest decision she ever made. 

Her best friend is her identical twin sister, Casey. She misses her days in theatre and looks forward to finding a work/life balance that allows her to step back on the stage. Kelley joined the LEAD team in 2016 after nearly a decade of working in the healthcare field. Add three children and the procurement of a BA in Communications and Professional Writing and a brief stint as sales assistant, she was promoted to LEAD’s Client Success team. 

When she isn’t strategizing on how to optimize digital marketing campaigns and cheering on the LEAD team, she’s taxi-ing her two pre-teen boys and three year old daughter around in her soccer mom mini-van. She loves a good book and a glass of wine, sci-fi/fantasy and is excited to pass on the stories of Harry Potter, Narnia, hobbits, and time travel to her always curious kids.

Client Success Consultant

Cinderella never asked for a price. She asked for a night off and a dress. -Kiera Cass

Brooke Deason

Brooke a.k.a. “JC” would love to live in a world where people don’t lie, common courtesy comes natural and scary movies don’t exist. Brooke has been the Digital Coordinator at LEAD for 3 years. She enjoys being able to utilize her artistic abilities and creativity, and takes pride in being accurate and getting things done right the first time. 

When she’s not creating ads or checking work again and again, she enjoys spending time with her nine year old daughter, laughing and going to church. There’s nothing a good laugh can’t fix!

Operations Specialist

You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, love like you'll never be hurt, sing like there's nobody listening, and live like it's heaven on earth. -William W. Purkey

Denise Beall Fritze

A former Synchronized swimmer in college that was there when USA won the GOLD in the ATL Olympics, Denise is a respected marketing and advertising professional in the Macon community with over 25 years in newspaper, magazine and agency sales and marketing experience. 

She received her ABJ from The Grady School at the University of Georgia and continues to support the Bulldawg Nation during football and basketball seasons. A self-proclaimed “re-tread” at The Telegraph, Denise comes from the “heyday” of legacy media and advertising and was excited lead the way again in the cutting edge world digital with LEAD. She enjoys crafting smart digital strategy for her clients to achieve success for their businesses in the ever-changing digital landscape. 

Empty nesters, she and her husband enjoy hitting the road on weekends for UGA games, heading to the SC coast, out West to visit their son, or planning for her daughter’s impending wedding. Denise adores her 2 Doxies, loves live music concerts,, is passionate about yoga & fitness, gardening, enjoying the outdoors and yes, tap dancing.

Denise Beall Fritze

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain! -Anonymous

Myra Patrick

Driven by results, dedicated to the process, creative in her approach, and with a #PassionForFashion, Myra is a former college athlete. She learned quickly that hard work and determination definitely pay off, and has brought that winning attitude to the LEAD team.

Myra is a recent graduate of Wesleyan College here in Macon where she received her Bachelor’s in Advertising and Marketing communication. She currently writes a fashion blog and has dreams of designing clothes for all the other fashionistas around the world. In her role working with LEAD clients in the downtown area of Macon -- her key are of focus, she has been able to combine two of her passions: talking about shopping and marketing the hippest brands in the city. 

Knowing that her work in promoting downtown Macon businesses is contributing to urban revitalization and seeing her clients grow and succeed helps Myra keep that pep in her step. When not at work, Myra can be found working on the aforementioned blog, online shopping, or her personal favorite activity: eating, where she wishes she could have all the Italian food and hot wings in the world without gaining weight!

Marketing Consultant

Matt Cobb

Matt is driven, high energy individual that loves anything Greek mythology, UGA football, Dr Pepper and dreams of a world where people can find the fun in all they do. A former manager at a brewpub here in Macon, Matt is no stranger to customer service. He loves making people realize their value and building a team, all while enjoying a delicious brew if possible.

He honed these skills as an Resident Assistant and Hall Director at Georgia College, where he received a B.A. in History and a M.A.T. in Education. While his dream growing up was to teach history and coach sports, he is quickly finding out that he is made for the business development and client strategy world and loves it. When not at work, Matt is often found with his nose in a book, secretly listening to Christmas music year round, playing with his pup, or in the kitchen, where he loves to cook up anything and everything.

Marketing Consultant

You know why I became a pilot? For the fun of it. Why else would anyone do anything? -Amelia Earhart

Brooke Epps

Brooke loves being spontaneous and has a passion for animals, Chinese food and attending music festivals. While earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing, Brooke worked to create a career in the service industry. She is best described as the type of person who has fun while working hard. 

She finds both enjoyment and pride in her current position as an Operations Specialist where she thrives on collaboration with customers and coworkers. The freedom of creativity paired with the pressures of deadlines, are the fuel that propel her to lead the charge executing campaigns with excellence and success. When Brooke is not aiding coworkers or juggling ads, you can find her at concerts with friends, enjoying the outdoors or binge watching Netflix. She also loves spending time with family and her two cats, Kid and Kathy.

Operations Specialist

The struggle you're in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don't give up. -Robert Tew

Diane Rankin

Diane is a firm believer that providing great customer service is one of the keys to success and has been practicing this philosophy for the past 30 years. She has worked in different departments in the newspaper industry during her tenure leading up to her work with LEAD, and has thoroughly enjoyed working with customers and helping them become even more successful through smart advertising and marketing. 

She has seen a lot of changes in the industry but is excited about the future of digital advertising and readership. “Technology is such a huge part of our daily life, so it makes sense we reach customers with an online presence, with both advertising and the news.” Her husband, children and 15 grandchildren are the focus of her life outside work and she never tires of spending time with them. Diane also enjoys creating art projects varying from painting to jewelry making.

Inside Sales Consultant

Lekeshia Sinclair

Lekeshia’s middle name should have been “competitive.” Being the only girl out of four children she was raised to win. A self proclaimed ‘extremely loyal’ Atlanta Falcons fan, Lekeshia always rises up to a challenge, will meet goals and will get the job done. With a background in automotive insurance, customer service, telecommunications, and marketing, Lekeshia uses her well rounded skills and background to drive client satisfaction and success with LEAD’s national accounts. 

Lekeshia thrives on exceeding goals and understanding what success looks like in spite of her short tenure as part of the team. With hopes of becoming a marketing trainer, Lekeshia is constantly taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves to further develop her skills within the marketing and advertising business. When Lekeshia is not working hard towards meeting all of her clients needs, she is with her three children, husband, and family, and is very active at her church, Bibb Mount Zion Baptist, where she is the secretary of the women’s ministry, 3rd-5th grade youth teacher, and facilitator of the Christian Education Leadership Book Club.

Majors | National Account Manager

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. -Maya Angelou

Becky Robertson

Becky is a true Georgia Peach who is in the elite 10% of the population that is left-handed. Her venture into the media world began 12 years ago and she has loved being able to put her organizational skills to use every day at work. Becky earned her Bachelor’s in Marketing from Georgia College and State University in 1998. She is married to the love of her life, Rob, and together they have 4 children, and 4 cats. In her spare time you will not find Becky reading long books or cooking extravagant meals.

Becky Robertson

What a long, strange trip it's been. -Jerry Garcia

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